5 Fun and Romantic Couple Activities to do on a Rainy Day! – Quarantine 2020

Consider this: It’s a rainy day⛈️. Beautiful weather, drops of water falling onto the leaves of trees?, the petals of the flowers?, everything looks lush green, beautiful, and vibrant. A cool breeze of fresh air is blowing.

In such amazing weather, you both are wondering what fun and romantic couple activities you can do to get most of this amazing day. How to enjoy this day to its fullest, while making your bond stronger and make the relationship more fun and alive?‍❤️‍?!

On a normal day, the obvious choice would be to go out for a long drive ?️, pull over at a quiet place, roll down your windows and enjoy the rain, the wind, and the weather.

But, it’s COVID-19, it’s Lockdown, and it’s quarantine time. You can’t go outside, or you can but you’d rather play safe and decide not to go out. Or chances are you are reading this post way after COVID-19 and you are just not in the mood to go out!

So what do you do? How do you make the most of this amazing day? Here are 5 fun and romantic couple activities you can do to cheer up this already amazing day and strengthen the bond of love amongst you two. These activities will definitely fill your relationship with fun, spark, and romance!

1. Step out in your porch/patio

A relaxing and romantic couple activity for the laid back couple!

You’d say, it’s pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised to know how many people prefer to stay inside rather than stepping out. For many of us, this is perhaps the simplest and easiest way to enjoy such great weather! Staying inside in such good weather does not do justice to the awesomeness of nature.

When you step out of those walls, breathe in the fresh air feel the breeze, it simulates your minds and souls. Pull out those chairs, sit down, relax and enjoy the view, the weather and rain!

Believe it or not, it is going to relax both of you and is very very romantic. You and your partner, both are going to love this simple act!

Pro Tip: Leave your mobiles, iPads, etc. inside the room. You are going out to enjoy nature and each other’s company, not social media.

2. Sing a song to each other

A fun and romantic couple activity to improve your bond and kick that shyness out!

Yes, you read that absolutely right. Sing a song to each other. It for sure seems difficult to do at first, but you do it once, and it’s all a smooth glide from there onwards!

You don’t have to have a good voice or understanding of rhythms or tunes. or even to remember lyrics. No one is gonna judge you. You are not going on Singing Talent Show. It’s just two of you. You do it for him/her and he/she does it for you.

We both do it all the time and none of us is a voice to die for! Sometimes, we mess up the tunes, the lyrics, and complete song, but that’s the fun part, right? The important thing is, you got to enjoy these little things.

Pro Tip: if you are shy of your partner (which is should not be), try recording your song on your mobile and play it for them. 110% your partner is gonna love it.

3. Enjoy an at-home open-air theatre

A fun, romantic and exciting couple activity for the movie buffs!

If both of you are really fixated on that new Netflix movie or series that just came out or want to binge-watch that Game of Thrones again or are just in the mood for some timeless comedy with The Big Bang Theory, then you can do all this while enjoying the amazing rain and beautiful nature!

What we tend to do is, move our projector in our porch/veranda under a covered area, connect our Amazon FireTV stick or Google Chromecast to it, and are good to go. This way, we are sitting in an open area, under a roof, enjoying the rain, the breeze, and watching our favorite movie/series!

Believe it or not, it’ so much fun and it way romantic than watching it inside a closed room.

Pro Tip: If the projector is not a possibility, you can also get your TV outside under the same roof, and enjoy!

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    4. Do a Couple Rain Dance

    A fun and romantic couple activity to ignite that fun factor in the relationship!

    Yes, the dance, and in the rain. All of us have danced in the rain as a kid. Do you remember how much fun that was? With the passage of time, we got busy with study, work, family, and completely ignored this fun activity. Today we are too worried about getting sick by drenching in rain to enjoy it.

    Do yourself a favor, go out to your patio, your terrace, your garden, and get wet in the rain and dance. Dance like no one watching, because the reality is, that little kid in you and your partner is going to love it. As I mentioned, you don’t need to be a dancer. Just move. Do anything. You are not doing it to impress each other. You are doing it to enjoy, to get that shot of happiness.

    This rain dance need not be necessarily romantic, it can be if you wish to, but it can be fun, it can be just splashing around!

    Pro Tip: Try making paper boats and float them around in rain water. It’s so much fun!

    5. Take a Couple Rain Walk

    A romantic couple activity for everyone. With or without an umbrella, your choice!

    Probably, the most underrated activities of all. Taking a walk in the rain, enjoying the scent of water, earth, flowers, and trees is one of the most relaxing and bonding activity of all.

    If you prefer not to get wet, take an umbrella, or two even if you’d like. however, we suggest only one to keep things a little more interesting!

    And don’t stress yourself to find the topic to talk about on the walk. be natural. talk about whatever comes to your mind. You can even talk non-sense if you’d like. It does make things a bit more fun! We talk nonsense all the time, and we feel it keeps our relationship fresh and sparkling!

    Pro Tip: Leave your mobile phones behind so you are forced to talk about you guys, not the social media or the what’s on google.

    That’s it for today folks! I hope you will try these 5 fun and romantic couple activities and will enjoy it thoroughly! If you did, make sure you spread the word by sharing this with someone you think would enjoy this too! Also, don’t forget to share your experience of a rainy day with us below.

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    Thank you. Untill next time, ciao!

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