Yes! These are the 5 Unusual, Little-Known Benefits of Marriage that you experience!

Marriage: a phenomenon most of the millennials today steer clear of. Even we did. For a long time. Very long time! Eventually, we married, happily!

Last night, @rozy asked me: “Before getting married, we were a couple for 14 years. What do you think we as a couple have gained by marrying. Tell me what you think are the advantages or benefits of marriage.”

It got me thinking. And here is what I came up with. This is what I think, and what I have experienced.

What dictates the experiences in a marriage:

The state of marriage, and the benefits or advantages out of it depends a lot on both the partners. If the partners in marriage are understanding, patient, and can manage their egos and temperaments when need be, you will definitely benefit out of the marriage and will experience it’s bliss.

But if even one of the partners are not understanding, impatient, resistant, unmanageable, they can truly turn a marriage into a very difficult affair and series of compromises that none of the partners are happy about.

Assuming you get married to the right person, you are bound to experience these 5 benefits of marriage for sure:

Benefits of Marriage #1: You Stay on the Right Track

Seems unusual, right? But it’s true. A good partner will constantly make their best efforts to keep on on track! Do the phrases like “Don’t do this, Don’t eat that, let’s sort this out, work it out first etc.” sound familiar? Some people consider it nagging and irritating, but those are the second category of couples described above.

Between the couple who has understanding, they know these are constructive communication which encourages each other to stay on the right track!

Benefits of Marriage #2: You remain focused on things you should be focusing on

In an understanding and accommodative marriage, both the partners encourage each other to focus on the things that matters. It’s simple, effective, and efficient.

For example, Rozy and I have a time table of things set. We divide our time between the things that matters. Home chores, professional work, personal time and entertainment. But when one of start doing things that are out of time, or out of scope of the current requirements, the other person takes the lead, or nudges the actor and get the focus and efforts back to where it should be!

In a healthy marriage, this ensures both the partners stay consistent, focused, more productive, and efficient throughout the day, day after day! Which, needless to say are the most important precursor to success in any front of life.

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    Benefits of Marriage #3: You engage in better self-care

    A successful happy and satisfied marriage leads you towards better self care and vice versa. How it works you ask? Well it’s pretty simple. A great partner understands they can only put their best in marriage and relationship when they are at their best. You start realizing that you being physically, physiologically, and spiritually happy translates to a happy and fun partner too!

    This eventually leads to a happy, healthy, joyful and lovely marriage!

    Benefits of Marriage #4: You tend to stay more happy than before

    Well, I can anticipate you are going to disagree with me here. But hold on, before brutally rejecting this statement, read below.

    Multiple studies and researches show that married people are much more happier than singles of than those who are in a live-in relationship (Link to the study here). Also, if someone was never in a live-in relationship before marriage, they tend to be happier than those who were ever in a relationship before marriage (Link to the study here).

    If you ask psychotherapists, they will tell you a happy marriage leads to stress relief in different manners. For example: complimenting each other on positive efforts, outcomes and successes, bucking up each other in tough times, encouraging each other to get rid of negative activities and thoughts.

    Imagine how would if feel like after a long, tiring and stressful day, you coming home to a understanding, emotionally supportive partner. It definitely prolongs the long term happiness, freshness and the spark in the marriage.

    Benefits of Marriage #5: You start becoming a better version of yourself!

    Now, after all of the above, this one is a no-brainer.

    When you stay on the right track in your life, remain focused on the right things, take better care of yourself, and are happier than ever: You start becoming a better version of yourself.

    And slowly, you start realizing that being a better version of yourself helps the marriage and the relationship to being progressively a better version of itself as well.

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      I hope this has given you some idea what a happy, functional and healthy marriage looks like. And you are now less afraid of marriage than before reading this! If you think this helped, make sure you spread the word by sharing this with someone you think would also benefit from this too!

      Of course, most of this depends upon how well partners understand and support each other. No relationship is perfect, and there are always ups and downs, but A Happy Couple knows where to draw a line to the unpleasantries and always keeps their efforts directed towards making the marriage and the relationship more functional, happier, healthier and more effortless.

      What do you think about this? Please let us know in the comments below. Let’s talk.

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      Thank you. Until next time, ciao!

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