5 Reasons why we started Happy Couple Blog

Okay, you have landed on this blog via maybe Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter, and now you are wondering what are those compelling 5 reasons why we started this blog?

But before I start explaining that, if you haven’t already, make sure you check out our Epic Journey. It’s thoroughly entertaining. I promise :). And if you have already gone through it, scroll down and continue reading to know the 5 reasons we started this blog!

So you are probably still wondering “What the heck is this blog for? They might be a Happy Couple, good for them, why all this bragging?”

Why did we decide to start A Happy Couple Blog?

Well, to be honest, there are a couple of reasons:

Reason 1: To make someone smile!

We realized our 14 years long love story, is somewhat powerful and extraordinary. We wanted it to share with everyone to spread some positivity and happiness around!
If we can make even a single person smile, that’s the best reward ?!

Reason 2: Share the fun moments!

We constantly try keeping our relationship trickling with fun, laughter, and surprises! My favorite is after or in the middle of horror movies, Rozy has to walk alone to the kitchen and back! if you know what I mean ?.

Those moments are hilarious (at least for me)?! For her you ask? Umm, almost like a heart attack?!

Reason 3: Share our experiences of different phases of the relationship.

These 14 years have blessed us with the opportunities to go through so many different phases of our relationship. Attraction, excitement, happiness, sadness, curiosity, love, hate, frustration, irritation, togetherness, loneliness, enlightenment, commitment, you name it, we’ve gone through it. And honestly, we have loved our journey. We have embraced all aspects of our relationship. We have tackled difficult times head-on and eventually overcame them with flying colors.

We wish to share all those emotions, phases, and what we did to navigate through the tough times.

We were fortunate enough to have some really really cool people around us to help and guide us through, but we have seen so many other people not so lucky. Even if someone is there to advise, it more than often is incomplete, not appropriate, and generally, one-sided. And there are so many guys who are too shy to ask someone. They in our opinion, just need a friend!

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    Reason 4: To try and stop someone from making the deadly mistakes that can turn a relationship toxic.

    Throughout these 14 years, we have seen so many people getting together, see each other for a while, reach a stagnation or stall in their relationship, and eventually get separate. Honestly, it hurts. It is a very sad event to witness. Over and over again, we have seen so many people making the same mistake in their relationship and ending up at a point where one or both of them are frustrated with the relationship and the invisible negativity and bitterness is so much that it becomes almost impossible to even talk to each other without fighting.

    Even if we are able to help even a single couple to revive their relationship, keep it healthy, vibrant, and happening, we would consider ourselves very fortunate!

    Reason 5: Share all our non-sense actions!

    Oooyeah! We ocassionaly keep acting stupid! We love it ?, and we know you’d love them too!

    So there it is, our 5 reasons why we decided to start A Happy Couple blog! If you enjoyed reading this, make sure you share this with your friends, family, and even foes (we won’t mind them too ?).

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