The Story Behind #1: A delicious chocolate brownie in Koh Phi Phi Island

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This is the first post in the series “The Story Behind”. If you have not already, I strongly recommend you read this introductory post first to know what actually this series is all about, and why it exists.

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On September 23, 2020, we uploaded a picture on A Happy Couple Instagram account.

The photo featuring Rozy holding a freshly baked, deliciously soft and warm chocolate brownie, was clicked on 18 January 2020, at one of the Phi Phi Islands; Koh Phi Phi. Let’s talk about “The Story Behind” this photo.

18 January 2020, Koh Phi Phi:

Today I had one of the most delicious chocolate brownie I ever had!

– Rozy K Sood

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The background

Basically, the Koh Phi Phi Don Island is just 9.73 KM2 (3.76 mi2) in area. You just walk 8 kilometers (5 miles), and you have seen the entire island ?!

One of the wonderful things of this island is, there is absolutely no transport available. Not private, not public, none. You have to explore it all on foot! And once you start to, it doesn’t even feel much. You’d actually love walking around ?‍♀️.

Throughout our stay, Rozy and I would walk from one end of the island to another atleast twice a day. Somedays, even 4 times. It’s fun. You get to meet so many other nice people, who’d share their experiences, listen to your, and we loved it ?. Every time you get out on the island road and streets, you experience something different, something unique!

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    The brownie encounter!

    On one such on-foot adventure around on 18 January 2020, around 7 PM, we were just roaming around, enjoying the vibes of the island. We were on the main road of Koh Phi Phi Island called the “Chaokoh Road” just around the corner of Loh Dalum Beach.

    And literally, out of nowhere, we see this awesome stall on the road, outside The Medi (a restaurant in Koh Phi Phi).

    Now, this was the main road of the island, and we had travelled through it countless times before this, but it was never there. At least not for us.

    Anyway, there was a chef on the stall, who had just baked these awesome chocolate brownies. These were still warm and soft to the touch and was drenched in melted chocolate. So yummy! Icing on the cake, it was just 20 THB, around 45 Indian Rupees or just 60 cents! Actually cheaper than India. And at least we have not tasted such delicious brownie ever in India. Not even for a much higher price.

    Rozy and I, we both are real hoggers for brownies. We see a brownie, we eat it. A brownie doesn’t escape us! So, we decided to get one to kind of taste it first, and needless to say, we loved it. That’s when we clicked this photo.

    Okay, so what’s interesting in this?

    Here’s where the interestingly funny tragic part begins.

    As we were just wandering around and it was almost the dinner time as well, we decided to to actually have our dinner first and then come back to this place to end our dinner with a perfect sweet and chocolatey treat.

    So we went ahead, figured out a new cool place to eat (that’s a story for another time), had some fun, and our dinner. It was now around 8:30 PM or so. We had not forgotten about the brownie.

    We started heading back towards the brownie place, talking about it’s awesomeness. We even decided to eat one each at the stall and take away 2 into our bungalow to eat later while chilling in the deck!

    Little did we know what surprise awaited us. When we reached the place, we saw, to our shock, the stall was not there ??! We had lost our precious delicious brownies ?. We were now grieving the loss.

    After few moments when we were able to calm down and get out of the initial shock, we asked around, and found out those guys baked just one batch of brownies every evening. Just one batch. Just in the evening. Once all of them are sold, they pack up.

    So, that day onwards, for the next 5 days, we never ever missed brownie from that place. We would schedule whole of our evening around the brownie time!

    Key takeaway if you visit there

    1. If you want to have the best brownies in Koh Phi Phi, don’t go to a restaurant/ eatery or bakery. Wait for the evening and go to this stall!
    2. Bonus Tip: If you buy more than one, they can serve those brownies in a nice beautiful plate made of banana leaves. Make sure you ask nicely ?!
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      That’s it for today folks! This was “The Story Behind” Rozy’s photo holding a delicious, warm, freshly baked chocolate brownie. Hope you enjoyed reading through and found it interesting. If you did, make sure you spread the word by sharing this with someone you think might enjoy this too!

      Also, what do you think about it? Have you also had any interesting incident with brownies? Let us know in the comment box below. Let’s talk!

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      Thank you. Until next time, ciao!

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