The Story Behind: Stories that compliment the pictures!

A picture is worth a thousand words!

Napoleon Bonaparte

What is “The Story Behind”?

We are starting a new series of articles on A Happy Couple. We like to call it: “The Story Behind“. What we plan to do in this series is document the wonderful memories associated with some of our cherished photos!

Why? What’s wrong with memories?

Me and Rozy regularly post some of our pictures on our Instagram account. While revisiting the photographs for posting on Instagram, we actually relive the wonderful memories in context to the photograph!

I am sure this happens to almost everyone of us. When we go back and see our old photos, we recall so many memories and sometimes they are so intense that we almost relive that amazing moment. Drop a comment below if this happens to you too!

But, let’s be honest, as the time passes by, our memories start acting up and events related to the pictures starts fading away. Don’t take my words for it. Let me prove it to you.

Get the first photograph you ever took. May be 10, 15, 20 years ago? Look at it. What do you remember? 97% chances are while you can certainly recall the broader context of the picture but can’t seem to remember all the details. And even if you do, you and your partner (any other person present at time the picture was taken) would disagree on few things. You both would have slightly different version of how things turned out, what you ate, what you did etc. You get the picture, right?

So, while talking about one of these awesome memories one day, we thought why not actually document and write stories of these memories? This way they can remain alive forever, we can relive the most accurate version of it even after 30 years! And while doing it, we also get to share the fun and interesting stuff with you guys too!?

Okay, got it. So now what?

So we are starting a whole new series on The Story Behind!

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Stay tuned! We will see you in next post. Untill then, ciao!

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